Brazil is positioned in FIHAV 2022 as an important commercial partner of Cuba

Photo: TTC.

During the celebration of the National Day of Brazil at the 38th International Fair of Havana, the ambassador of the Brazilian nation in Cuba, His Excellency Mr. Roberto Colin, highlighted that the South American giant is positioned as an important commercial partner of the Caribbean island and assured that the appointment will serve as the starting point for a new chapter in the history between the two countries.

In the first semester of 2022, the bilateral exchange between Cuba and Brazil was 116 million, which meant an increase of almost 70% in relation to the previous year.

The diplomat remarked that the sectors with a presence on the island include agri-food, footwear, cosmetics, fashion, construction materials, hygiene and cleaning products, and furniture, with a consolidated image among consumers, which is the result of decades of building trust between Brazilian and Cuban economic actors, and thanks to the support of the authorities of both nations, which were maintained at times of greater or lesser proximity between the governments.

“We bear in mind the interest of the Cuban government in attracting foreign investment to the country, both for the Special Development Zone of Mariel and for other regions,” said the ambassador; and added that “Brazil has great potential for commercial expansion in the Caribbean and Central American markets and is aware of the opportunities and challenges that the country offers.”

In this sense, the experiences of the eleven Brazilian companies and the two most successful examples of Brazilian investments in the country, Brascuba and Bucanero, bear witness to the enormous potential that the economic actors of the two countries can develop, he stated.

The ambassador affirmed that the fair offers the possibility of generating dynamics and interaction both between veteran trade and investment players and new players, such as the Northeast consortium and companies that are starting operations in the country. “Even in times of global crisis, like the current one, creative solutions and ways forward can be found,” he said.

For her part, Ana Teresita González Fraga, first deputy minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (Mincex), highlighted that between 2010 and 2015 Brazil was Cuba’s second largest trading partner in the region and fifth worldwide.

The vice head of the branch assured that a better context is currently envisioned for economic exchanges between both nations, mainly in the education, public health and sports sectors.

In addition, González Fraga thanked the donations of medicines and supplies that arrived in Cuba from the South American nation during the epidemic, and later after the natural disasters that have affected the country.

The celebration of Brazil’s National Day at FIHAV 2022 was also chaired by Mr. Paulo Câmara, Governor of the State of Pernambuco and President of the Northeast Consortium; Mr. Vladimir Guilhamat, President of the Brazil-Cuba Business Chamber; and Janet Fernández Padilla, director of the Mincex trade policy department for Latin America and the Caribbean.


Brazil is positioned in FIHAV 2022 as an important commercial partner of Cuba