Brazil is inspired for the ‘hexa’ with heroes of the past and motivational phrases

The image of his teammates celebrating the 1994 World Cup title moves Zinho to tears. The former midfielder hopes that this and other postcards displayed at the Brazilian base in Qatar will inspire and guide Neymar’s ‘Seleção’ towards the six-time championship.

The passage that leads to the field of the Grand Hamad stadium, which will be Brazil’s training center in Doha, is decorated with iconic images of the five World Cups won by ‘scratch’.

The former Palmeiras and Flamengo midfielder, who started in the final against Italy (0-0, 3-2 on penalties), is standing in front of a postcard in which attacker Bebeto hugs goalkeeper Cláudio Taffarel at the end of the shootout from the white point that gave the South Americans the fourth crown.

“It is a very exciting moment, because I go back to my time as a player and how my preparation for the World Cup was. And here is the 94, the tetra, my name is marked in the Brazilian team, in the history of football. It is exciting to know that the athletes are going to arrive soon and they are going to see these images, it is a motivation for them,” he told AFP.

The home of the local club Al-Arabi, where Rafinha Alcantara from São Paulo plays, will be the training ground for the ‘Canarinha’, who will land on Saturday night in Doha to finish preparing their debut on Thursday against Serbia corresponding to Group G. also made up of Switzerland and Cameroon.

Neither the red nor the white of Al-Arabi can be seen on the walls of the facility, now there are only the green and yellow of the Brazilian flag. The club’s trophies are escorted by images of Brazilian legends such as Ronaldo “El Fenómeno” and Pelé.

And also a series of motivational words or sentences, including “Coragem” (Courage, in Spanish), which coach Tite often uses to inspire his players and sometimes accompanies with a blow to the chest.

“Seize the moment of confidence”, “Mentally strong”, “Determination”, “Balance”, “Work”, “Prepare well to deserve to win” and “Focus and enjoy”, among others, decorate the interior walls of the facility from where on Sunday one of the great favorites will begin to refine details to try to bury the twenty-year drought without winning the World Cup.

“The training, the preparation, the concentration, the determination, the teamwork (they are very important), but that motivational part, the heart, completes. On the field he gives a good help to win the sixth star”, affirms Zinho, 55 years old and who comments on the Cup for an international chain.

Brazil chose the Grand Hamad stadium as its home after visiting 17 venues in Qatar, a small country with less than three million inhabitants and which is receiving, among various critics, its first major event.

Located in a central area of ​​the capital, no World Cup game will be played there.

The changing rooms already have the faces of the 26 Brazilian players stamped on them, separated by mirrors so they can get ready upon arrival or departure.

The members of the technical and medical staff and the props also have their individual spaces, although in other rooms, with their respective large-size photographs.

In addition to the gym and meeting rooms, there is also a small nursery and recreation areas for the delegation’s relatives.

“Tite assembled a very strong group, the moment of the Brazilian players is good, they are playing well in their clubs. Tite not only has eleven players, it has a roster with variant options so that Brazil can win the sixth world title”, he assures confident Zinho, no longer a trace of tears on his cheeks.


Brazil is inspired for the ‘hexa’ with heroes of the past and motivational phrases