Brazil gets ready to see its team in the World Cup in Qatar

After all the noise generated by the arrival of Brazil to Doha, where the ‘Canarinha’ hopes to add the sixth star to their shirt, comes their World Cup debut against a Serbia that is an old acquaintance with the Brazilians, not only for seeing their faces in Russiabut because of what he experienced seven years ago in the U-20 World Cup.

In the largest country in South America, the popular fervor for the world Cup it is lived intensely in clubs, parks, bars and stadiums, despite the fact that the matches will be played 11 thousand kilometers away. Even if it’s on TV, following the passion of soccer in the middle of a crowd is a guarantee of fun due to the contagious enthusiasm that Brazilians feel for their National Team.

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In Brazil, soccer is much more than a sport. It’s a culture, it’s a national identity, it’s something of passion and religion. And following the biggest event in world soccer from the epicenter of those emotions is an incredible experience.

to live the party

Although Brazilians have their soccer rivalries for the clubs in the domestic league, there is a common fan base that paralyzes the country every four years to vibrate or cry together in one voice and for one name: the Brazilian National Team.

Perhaps for this reason, or because it is the only country that has held five World Cups, Brazil is the only country that will hold the traditional FIFA Fan Fest twice: one in Rio de Janeiro and the other in São Paulo, which will add to parties similar to those of Mexico City, London, Seoul and Dubai (United Arab Emirates); The main one will be in the Parque al Bidda in Doha, in the host country of the 2022 World Cup.

In Rio, the party will be on the beach of Copacabana, an iconic neighborhood in the southern area of ​​the Rio de Janeiro capital built on the shores of a coastal strip of just over four kilometers. It is the same beach where a crowd of two million people gather every year to receive the first of January under the roar of fireworks.

There, at the Fan Fest, the Brazilian matches will be broadcast on a thousand-inch high-definition screen, the day will continue with shows and a wide gastronomic offer, at the height of the central Princesa Isabel avenue and with views of some of the most sophisticated hotels on the waterfront.

The Fan Fests are free to enter, but you must reserve a ticket on the official site. Other events -which will combine music, gastronomy and football- will take place in well-known places in the city such as the Morro de Urca, the Jockey Club or the athletics stadium Nilton Santosbetter known as Engenhao.

Sao Paulo, the largest Brazilian city, will also have its Fan Fest in the Vale do Anhangabaú, a park located in the central region of the city with a view of São Paulo architectural symbols such as the Palacio dos Correios, the Viaduto do Chá, the Matarazzo building (where the government of the capital) and the splendid Municipal Theater.

Between matches, it is a good idea to delve into the wonders of a city with some of the most important museums in South America such as the majestic MASP or the nearby FIESP Cultural Center, as well as options to get to know the city from above such as the SESC São Paulo Viewpoint ( free access, prior reservation) or the Ibirapuera park, inside which not only one of the allegorical parties to the competition will take place (Arena Brasileira and another in the Ibirapuera Gymnasium, for example) there are no less than six magnificent centers cultural events with agendas for all ages.

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Brazil gets ready to see its team in the World Cup in Qatar