Brazil Elections 2022: Lula da Silva’s anger with the Bolsonarist parallel reality | The former president again accused Jair Bolsonaro of spreading and promoting fake news

From Sao Paulo

There’s a song on Divided that goes, “What do you see, what do you see when you see me? when the lie is the truth”. This happens in Brazil. The fake news took over the virtual space. They build a parallel reality. They are the backbone of post-truth. They circulate as sewage waste in the construction of your world of sewers. Such is the power with which they broke into this society, that Lula’s last contact with journalists before the election was dominated by the issue. He became omnipresent from start to finish.

they lie blatantly

“There are people that blatantly lieThey have no respect for the truth. I am 77 years old and I had never seen a factory of lies and evil, in truth, like the ones said by the president who governs this country. Thank God it seems to me that the Brazilian people are going to make a change, because This country needs to be rebuilt based on a person who has credibility, a person who guarantees legal, political and social stability.”, started Lula pointing to the powerhouses of disinformation.

He was speaking at a Workers’ Party (PT) office located half a block from Paulista Avenue, on 305 Carlos Sampaio Street, in the Bela Vista neighborhood. He had arrived late, with his candidates for vice president and governor of São Paulo, Gerald Alckmin Y Fernando Haddad. But also with the environmentalist Marina Silvahis wife Janja and a surprise: his friend, the former president of Uruguay, Jose “Pepe” Mujicaten years older than him.

It was too hot in the glass enclosure located at the back of the mansion decorated with images of the PT and its referents from São Paulo. Three fans were not enough to cool almost a hundred and a half journalists, reporters and cameramen compressed together. There were many Argentine colleagues, almost in proportion similar to that of the Brazilians.

Lula was not the only one who spoke of fake news. Haddad began the presentation of the meeting – which turned from a press conference to speeches against the official lies – and, like Alckmin, he defended himself against the storm of false news. They mentioned a couple of boutades that circulate in the networks and that they discredited before the journalists. After his brief expositions, the historical leader of the PT charged again against the official propagator. Quiet, but without lowering the tone of his complaints.


He counterattacked against the news that Bolsonaro attributes to him of intending to end the legal figure of the MEI or Individual Microentrepreneur, which is that person who works on his own account, an SME and/or salaried entrepreneur with a minimum income and who registers for free. on a state website. Lula recalled that “the MEI was created by me when I was President of the Republic. The general micro and small business law was created by me too and they (by the Bolsonaristas) say on social networks that I want to end the MEI.”

Pepe Mujica looked at him with his folksy serenity. Marina Silva, located a few steps behind, was following the scene just like Janja. But Lula continued as if she were at a PT act, sensibly affected by the fake news factory that doesn’t rest. “Honestly, I cannot conceive of how someone who disputes an election and brazenly lies the entire campaign, without limits to challenge the institutions, such an uncontrolled citizen does not have the psychic conditions to govern a country the size of Brazil. And I say this because inside the debate I noticed him nervous. And I even asked to stop it for a bit to see if the person would calm down.”

On Saturday at noon, Haddad retweeted the criticism of a libel that circulates in Brazil like the wastewater of disinformation. He says: “Caveat!!! The far right has printed countless fake pamphlets like this one and is distributing them all over Brazil. It is endless dirt. Everything on that paper is FALSE…”

Its workmanship is so rudimentary that it bears a photocopied face of Lula and the PT shield with a series of claims that it attributes to the Workers’ Party. From the “control of the press and social networks” to the “general disarmament of the population.” Something that would not be bad knowing what happens every day and that the weapons culture of the Bolsonaro clan proclaims from its firing ranges.

to the shots

During the afternoon, the ruling deputy Carla Zambelli He took out a gun and pointed it at a man on a corner of the Jardín neighborhood, one of the most affluent in São Paulo. It was a small sample of the law of the Far West with which various sectors of the ruling party identify.

There is fake news that will go down in history and is already part of an anthology. The closure of churches that the PT would carry out if it were to gain access to the government is one of them in this 2022 of high electoral voltage.

In the Bolsonaro clan the tasks are well distributed. Virtual communication is the work of Carlos, the councilor for Rio de Janeiro with almost 3 million followers on Instagram. Here they define him as the “strategist of the disinformation ecosystem”. This is how his father, the rebellious and nostalgic soldier of the dictatorship, won the 2018 elections. On that occasion One of the deepest false news stories said that Haddad – at the time the candidate for president of the PT – had asked to distribute penis-shaped baby bottles to combat homophobia from the cradle in day care centers. The production of meaning pointed to the profile of who now aspires to govern São Paulo. He had been Minister of Education for Lula and Dilma Rousseff.

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Brazil Elections 2022: Lula da Silva’s anger with the Bolsonarist parallel reality | The former president again accused Jair Bolsonaro of spreading and promoting fake news