Brazil, do not forget the rebellion of the boys against Serbia

A Brazil boosted by the favoritism it enjoys, can get drunk in advance against a Serbian team that exposes credentials to respect it

A ghost begins to haunt this World Cup… the ghost that no “powerful” is shielded from teams without scrolls, because motivated and anxious to get people to stop looking down their shoulders, they are bravely standing up.

The ghost has settled in the soccer environment after the knockout of Saudi Arabia over the “Super” Argentina that boasted of exhibiting 36 unbeaten matches during the process in command of the two Lionels: Scaloni and Messi. How far will his initial tour that has wreaked havoc and spreads concern? It is not predictable to measure his continuity, he can leave a mark or be diluted soon, but he will be latent to do damage in the group stage.

It is essential for the third appearance tomorrow of the South American teams in Qatar 2022, that Brazil take it seriously against Serbia, after the Argentine misstep, and not get drunk with its explosive “offensive power” in which it has included in its list to nine (9) strikers. In this group stage, any ‘firm’ step can end up on a step with a false footing.

Faced with Serbia, Brazil led by the seasoned, laureate and esteemed Tite, who has placed emphasis on giving Brazil defensive strength (since Brazilian offensive power is a recognized trademark of its DNA), must redouble its efforts to maintain a short distance between its virtues to defend and the “normal” tingling in the feet of the Brazilian forwards that inclines them to enjoy attacking.

Tite, in his second World Cup, after having passed the group stage of Russia 2018 and being left out after losing in the quarterfinals with Belgium 2-1, wants the legacy with which Brazil has won hearts, mainly displaying a showy game except for the conquest of 1994, remain. A new door can be slammed between wanting and a reality in which not necessarily playing well and attractive gives titles.

This will be his last World Cup because he informed the Brazilian federation that he is retiring from the direction of the team once the World Cup is over. Telé Santana, a former Brazilian coach with a profile similar to Tite’s, left laudable memories of Brazilian soccer at Spain 1982 and Mexico 1986, but they were left empty-handed.

Serbia with four benchmark players of proven quality and good technique, Tadic, Vlahovic, Kostic and Mitrovic, can make Brazil bitter with the caipirinhas prepared to celebrate. The Serbs qualified for the World Cup without any difficulties. In Russia 2018 they did not go beyond the group stage; now they feel that they are ready for more, their coach Dragan Stojkovic says it this way: “It is not enough to win, it is also important how we win. We want to play well.” Tite and Brazil have a rival that in the run-up to the match suggests being somewhat conservative and cautious when facing them.

Brazil, do not forget the rebellion of the boys against Serbia