Brazil denies problems to hold its F1 Grand Prix


    Brazil held on October 30 the second round of the general elections with which the president, the vice president and the national congress are elected. Election day produced a tremendously tight result, with a victory achieved with 50.9% of the votes. This does nothing more than put into context the polarization suffered by the American country, which after the electoral closure has suffered numerous protests from citizens that extend to these days.

    Post election protests

    The protests have been very diverse, including road closures. In one of these stops, it was striking to see several trucks stuck carrying material from Formula 1 teams, being especially recognizable that of the Ferrari team, which was already on its way to the José Carlos Pace Raceway, better known as Interlagos, home of the Brazilian Grand Prix. Formula 1, or rather, the São Paulo Grand Prix.

    As soon as the images began to be distributed on social networks, doubts arose about the possibility of the correct celebration of the aforementioned Grand Prix, which is dated for November 13, since it is difficult to launch a prediction of whether the protests will go away to stop shortly, or they will escalate.

    From Brazil, no official body has ruled on this, due to the sensitivity of the current situation. As for Formula 1, it has also officially remained silent, not commenting on the subject, but it has used spokespersons to take charge of expanding that the celebration of the Brazilian Grand Prix is ​​not in any danger. .

    Attitude that was within what was expected, because Formula 1 only uses this type of conflict to force renewals, and Brazil has a solid closed agreement, as also happened recently in Saudi Arabia, where not even the impact of a missile a few kilometers of the track nor the threat of planting of the pilots prevented a Grand Prix from being held.

    Bahrain and little else

    Only Bahrain has recently canceled a Formula 1 race for these reasons, and it happened more because of the desire of Bahrain, who wanted to calm the waters, than for any other reason. There is also the case of Vietnam, where the promoters were arrested and public opinion turned against it, but in the case of the unborn Grand Prix, the Covid pandemic was largely to blame.

Brazil denies problems to hold its F1 Grand Prix