Bolsonaro’s silence sparks doubts in Brazil about his political future

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Nov 9 (Sputnik).- The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, is missing in action. Since he lost the elections against Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on October 30, he has plunged into a deep silence that encourages speculation about his political and also judicial future, since there are not a few who fear (or wish) that he would end in jail.

After learning of his defeat, Bolsonaro locked himself in the official residence, the Alvorada Palace, in Brasilia, and refused to receive even his closest allies. The local press spoke of unprecedented grief. The man who, after more than three decades in politics, had never lost an election, became the first Brazilian president not to be re-elected.

The leader of the extreme right only broke his silence on two occasions: on Tuesday, November 1, 45 hours after the defeat, he delivered a speech lasting just two minutes in which, in an ambiguous way, at the same time he recognized the victory of Lula (without mentioning him directly), gave wings to his most radical followers, who at that time were already blocking the highways of a good part of the country. Two days later, Bolsonaro recorded a video asking his supporters to end the blockades, for the good of the national economy.

That was it. Since then, what is known about Bolsonaro reaches Brazilians through the mouths of those around him. Owner and lord of social networks, where he moves like a fish in water, the still president stopped posting frantically. His children the same. The average number of posts by the Bolsonaro clan on Facebook, for example, went from 26 a day during the campaign to two in recent days, according to a count by the newspaper O Globo.

Silence on the nets

Bolsonaro’s last post on Twitter, before space for all kinds of provocations, is a photo at a rally with the Brazilian flag in the background. Half the country is speculating about what the silence of the leader of the extreme right means.

The president of the Liberal Party (PL), his party, Valdemar Costa Neto, tried to dispel doubts this week by saying that Bolsonaro will lead the opposition and that he will be his candidate for president in the 2026 elections. There was even speculation with a candidacy for mayor of the city of Rio de Janeiro in 2024.

Logic leads one to think that Bolsonaro will make an effort to monetize the political capital of the 58 million votes he obtained in the elections, but nothing is clear. In recent days he would have negotiated with the PL the payment of a salary as honorary president of the party and the rent of a mansion in Brasilia. As former president, as of January 1, 2023, Bolsonaro will lose many privileges, the main one being the so-called “privileged jurisdiction.”

Exposed before the Justice

As of January, he will be exposed to ordinary justice and it is expected that dozens of processes will fall on him before which the position of president functioned as a shield. Even so, various analysts consider that his entry into prison is unlikely, because in the invisible strings that move politics and justice, this is understood as a maximum risk maneuver, which could set the country on fire. Bolsonarism is still very much alive and in recent days it has gained muscle. Imprisoning their top leader would be stretching the rope too tight.

In any case, the fear of legal proceedings that he will surely face in the medium term is present. The news published this week that the two eldest sons of the president, Senator Flávio Bolsonaro and Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro, are applying for Italian citizenship added noise and speculation about a possible flight of the presidential family.

“Before they start creating surreal theses, for me, leaving the country is not an option,” Senator Flávio Bolsonaro, considered the most mature and calm of the children and also the one who has had the most problems with, quickly stated in a note. justice, for a case of diversion and laundering of public money when he was a state deputy in Rio de Janeiro. (Sputnik)

Bolsonaro’s silence sparks doubts in Brazil about his political future