Bernie Ecclestone returns to the F1 paddock in Brazil

Bernie Ecclestone has returned to the paddock of the Formula 1… but not to stay. The one who was the supreme boss of the queen category and who took all the juice out of the championship at a commercial level for four decades, is this weekend in the paddock of the Brazilian Grand Prix, a race to which he has a special relationship.

Bernie had not visited a race Formula 1 since before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The last time he was seen on a circuit was precisely at the 2019 Brazilian GP, ​​the penultimate round of that season. He now he has returned, momentarily, and has already left the odd headline.

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What you should know about the Brazilian F1 GP 2022

And as! Bernie always says what he thinks, openly. Known are his outbursts in support of Putin in the midst of the war in Ukraine, even going so far as to say that he would receive a bullet for him, which led him to apologize. Now in Brazil ecclestone He has ‘stoked’ Mick Schumacher, whom he has recommended to look for another category in which to compete.

“His name is his biggest burden, but he tries to live up to it as best he can. And that’s what brings him all the problems. That’s why: forget it and win in another category,” Bernie said in an interview on German television. RTL.

His statements have had a lot of repercussion, and even the driver, who could be in his penultimate race in F1, since his continuity at Haas in 2023 has not been confirmed, has been forced to respond: “It’s hard to forget about Formula 1. I like it too much, so I won’t.”

“Everyone always has an opinion about everything. I care about the opinions of the people I care about. Of course, those of my family and some other people in Formula 1. For example, Sebastian Vettel. Those are the opinions that matter to me,” she added.

Ecclestone’s close relationship with Brazil

Bernie, who is probably the most relevant figure in the history of Formula 1, has a close relationship with Brazil. his wife, Fabiana Flosi, is Brazilian and met her when she was working as marketing manager for this race. Now she is the sporting vice president of the FIA ​​for South America and that is why Bernie spends long periods in the country.

Precisely in Brazil, ecclestone He recently starred in another of the biggest controversies in which he has been involved in recent years. The 92-year-old Briton was arrested for carrying a gun when he was going to catch a plane at Viracopos airport. Bernie said he didn’t know he was wearing it and just hours later, after posting $1,200 bail, he was released.

Soon, the DAZN platform will premiere the documentary series “Lucky!”recorded together with the Briton, and which reviews some of the most important moments of his life, also key to the growth and importance of F1, where, by the way, ecclestone does not have any function at present.

Bernie Ecclestone returns to the F1 paddock in Brazil