Ballot in Brazil, the football champions line up: Neymar with Bolsonaro, Juninho for Lula

Neymar that sings and dances on TikTok with the tune used by Jair Bolsonaro in the electoral campaign for his re-election as a musical base, he went around the world. A support certainly appreciated by the outgoing president of Brazil, who did not hesitate to re-share the video in his social profiles. After all, Or Ney is among the Brazilian footballers more famous abroad and those few seconds have been seen from beyond 14 million people. The support of the star of the Paris Saint-Germain has caused quite a few controversies, from the most ancient ones that question the political participation of sportsmen that had already overwhelmed LeBron Jamesto the more specific: “His support for the racist Bolsonaro is terrible”, commented the former Brazilian striker Walter Casagrande. However, the champion list of the seleção that in recent weeks have expressed their support for the outgoing president is long, perhaps longer than that which contains the supporters of the rival Lula. In view of the runoff of 30 Octobernow each step can be decisive.

Bolsonaro’s team

Daniel Alves

The former quarterback of Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain, as well as the most successful footballer in history (44 trophies), released on October 1 a video not quite as direct as Neymar’s, but easily interpretable. In less than a minute, Daniel Alves said he loved the old slogan Bolsonaro used in 2018: “Brazil above all and God above all“,“ But not because he was chosen by the political side ”. However, the fact of having published it just the day before the polls open leaves little room for imagination.


Much more direct was the comment of Rivaldo. The former striker of Barcelona and Milan first published a video in which he recommended choosing the number 22, which is what the electronic ballot box associates with the right-wing leader, and then congratulated the result of the ballot boxes. “I can’t believe so many people have chosen other side and voted for a former prisoner, ”he wrote in the description of the photo that portrays him hugging Bolsonaro.

Lucas Moura

The Tottenham striker, Lucas Mouraduring a podcast interview Dear to Tapa he said he was right-wing and would vote for Bolsonaro. From her social media profiles, in the first weeks of September, replied to some comments negative about his statements writing that Brazil needs change. For this reason he supports the right-wing leader who, if he were a racist, “he’d be in jail”.

Pelé and Ronaldinho

Pelé wearing the Santos shirt signed for Bolsonaro

From Or Ney to O Reipassing through the Gaucho. In the past both the two legends of Brazilian football, Pele And Ronaldinho, they had declared in one way or another their support for Bolsonaro’s party. Of the first is famous the photo that portrays him with a historian jersey of his Santos on which he wrote a dedication to the president, even if he did not officially reaffirm his vote for the right-wing candidate. Of the second, however, are known his personal visits, reported by the Brazilian newspapers, and the net support in 2018 to your candidacy.

Felipe Melo and Robinho

Both with a relevant past in the Italian league, either Felipe Melo that Robinho they expressed their support for Bolsonaro. The midfielder former Juventus, Inter and Fiorentina, now at Fluminense, recorded a video with all his family declaring their vote. The second, on the other hand, was limited to one photo on Instagram in which he dials the number 22 with his fingers.

Lula’s team


Idol of Sao Paulo and Paris Saint-Germain, as well as world champion in ’94, Rai chose Lula. For the former trade unionist and twice president of Brazil, the midfielder brother of Socrates he participated more than actively in the electoral campaign. In her Instagram profile I am numerous posts in support of Lula, including the last one entitled: “Saving Democracy”.

Juninho Pernambucano

With his free kicks had made football fans from all over the world fall in love, not only withOlympique Lyon or the New York Red Bulls. With his Vasco da Gama, Juninho Pernambucano he appeared in one of the commercials designed for Lula’s electoral campaign in which he says: «Now he will be our president again. This is an ace ».


«There are 13 days to go! 13, Brazil“, Is thewarning from Paulinho. The midfielder today at Bayer Leverkusen recalled the number assigned to Lula, claiming how humble origin of many footballers should have induced football to follow the blockade of the socialist leader.

At dinner with Lula

The socialist candidate has focused heavily on the support of the sports world. Given the declarations of the great, such as Pelé, Rivaldo and Neymar, on 27 September Lula organized a dinner in Sao Paulo to gather the players who remained on his side. Among them, there were Eliasformerly Flamengo and Corinthians, e Walter Casagrandein addition to the former footballer Andreia Rosa.

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Ballot in Brazil, the football champions line up: Neymar with Bolsonaro, Juninho for Lula