Bahía Negra: They manage to recover more than 200 animals stolen in Brazil

A police prosecutor committee proceeded to raid the San Joao ranch in the Bahía Negra area, where more than 200 cattle were recovered, which had been stolen in Brazil. The animals would have been stumped by rustlers from the neighboring country, through the existing dry border between Brazil and Bolivia. The place where the cattle were found is located on the line 1 road, about 30 kilometers from the urban area of ​​Bahía Negra. Investigators continue on the site and to date they have not reported who the alleged perpetrators of the robbery would be, nor if there are any people arrested.

The procedure was carried out this Tuesday, when the police uniformsaccompanied by fiscal Andrés Cantaluppi, proceeded to Smooth the aforementioned livestock establishment, based on a research about the theft of some 290 animalsoccurred in a stay of Brazil, being the victim of the robbery rancher Luis Eduardo Cedrones Simoes.

in the room saint joaothe delegation was received by the person in charge of the place Antonio Carmona Arce, who was given the order to raid and the reason was communicated to him, to later proceed to check the establishment.

Continuing with the story police, the researchers were able to spot a large number of animals, in a pasture near the central helmet of the stay, so they proceeded to check the place, being able be verified that they were indeed the animals denounced as stolen.

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The cattle were brought to a corral, where it was reconfirmed with the animal markings, that they were the cattle stolen in the Brazil, at the time of counting some were found 218 animals, but as night was falling, it was decided to continue the work the next day, attending to the null visibility.

The investigation and recovery of the animals are carried out by police personnel Antirustfrom this department of Chaco, as well as uniformed men from the black bayand of course the fiscal committee headed by the lawyer Andres Cantaluppi.


The representative of the Public Ministry mentioned that the entire delegation of researchers, still remain in the ranch raided this Tuesday, and so far they have not been able to complete the jobs, reason for which he cannot yet give many details of, for example, who would be the alleged rustlers, as well as who owns the stay where were found stolen animals.

The prosecutor mentioned via WhatsApp message that there is little Internet signalwhich is why it cannot yet answer all our requirements, but as soon as it reaches its base in fort olympuswill give all the details of the operation that culminated with success.


the stay San Joao, would belong to a person of nationality Uruguayan, but currently it would be leased to a citizen ForeignAlthough it is not ruled out that the tenants are compatriots, the recovered animalsthey would have already been highlighted with the marks of the people who are leasing this stay.

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The Stole of these animals occurred a few weeks ago, so in the population of black bay, it was already known where the cattle would finally be, this taking into account that it was a large amountand according to the version of some people, several of these cattle were slaughtered and would have been marketed in the butcher shops from the area.

Researchers have enormous responsibility, to reach a truthful investigation, that allows to find the assumptions rustlers and all those people who may participate in this Stole on a large scale, considering that lately there were many cases where it is achieved retrieve animals stolen, but strangely no one turns out stopped.

In the Upper Paraguayone of the greatest scourges for producers without a doubt he is rustling, that keeps on capsize to farmers, which puts risk this activity considered as the main activity economic from the Department.

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