Argentina fell to Brazil in the playoffs of the BJK Cup

The Brazilian team won the two singles this Saturday, and qualified for the BJK Cup 2023 Qualifiers. Argentina will return to the American zone

After a Friday that ended in a draw, Saturday was not positive for the Argentine team of BJKCup. Those captained by Mercedes Paz lost the 2 singles against Brazil, which won the playoff series in Tucumán, 3-1. Thus, he managed to qualify for the Qualifiers.

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The Argentine captain surprised by changing the 2 singles players who had played on Friday. Lourdes Carle replaced Paula Ormaecheawho had won her match, as the number 1 singles player. The woman from Dero, who is the best ranked Argentine, had to take on the challenge of facing Beatriz Haddad Maia, number 15 in the world.

The first set was fairly even, with Carlé complicating the Brazilian with her spin variations, especially using the backhand slice a lot. However, a bad service game from Argentina was enough to tip the balance in favor of Haddad Maia, who took the set 6-3.

Despite the defeat, Lourdes Carlé lived the game with great intensity, feeding on the public

In the second set, parity was maintained in general, although it was always Bia who was closest to achieving the break. Something that she, finally, achieved when Carlé served 3-4. After confirming the break, winning the game with her serve, Haddad Maia returned to keep the serve of the Deroense, to seal the victory by double 6-3.

”I think I lacked a little more decision at certain moments. Today I found myself a much more solid player than she was in April, she has no problem going back and starting to play from behind. It’s a shame because I don’t think she played badly, but it wasn’t the level that she wanted to have.”expressed Carlé, in a conference.

With the series in favor of Brazil, Mercedes Paz played it, and chose to send to the field to Solana Sierra, to face Laura Pigossi, whom she had defeated in the American Zone, at the beginning of the year. However, this time, there were no equivalences. The Mar del Plata, only 18 years old, got nervous, and she played a bad game, hurrying a lot. Pigossi appealed to her greater experience, and her seasoned play, to lead her rival into a mistake, and easily won 6-0 6-2, to sentence the series in favor of Brazil, 3-1, thus qualifying to the 2023 Qualifiers.

The Brazilian team celebrating qualifying for the Qualifiers

“It makes me sad not to have played the way I wanted, my nerves played against me”Solana acknowledged in a conference. Despite that, she highlighted the week she lived, and assured that ”I’m going to keep trying to work and fight to be here, because I love playing for Argentina”. For her part, captain Mercedes Paz recognized the superiority of the Brazilians, and explained that the changes had to do with the styles of play. “I played it and it didn’t come out”he admitted.

In this way, the Argentine team will play the American Zone again next year. Without Brazil, and without Mexico, both qualified for the Qualifiers, the chances of advancing to the playoffs again are high.

Photos: Omar Rasjido – AAT

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Argentina fell to Brazil in the playoffs of the BJK Cup – Argentina Amateur Deporte