Antonella Rita Roscilli’s conference in Rome: Brazilian literature and Aleilton Fonseca’s book ‘The flavor of the clouds’

Rome, November 4, 2022 – “Contemporary Brazilian literature: The Northeast, Bahia and the book ‘The flavor of the clouds’ by Aleilton Fonsecais the title of the lecture by Antonella Rita RoscilliBrazilian, writer and translator of the book by A. Fonseca.

The meeting will be held in Rome the November 12 at 17.00 At MaTeMù, via Vittorio Amedeo, n. 14 (Manzoni metro). The initiative is organized by BrasilVivo, MaTeMù And Cies. It is an event on contemporary Brazilian literature and, specifically, on the literature of the Brazilian Northeast and the state of Bahia.

Aleilton Fonseca

During the meeting the actress and writer Anna Maria Angrisani he will read excerpts from the book “Il Sapore delle Nuvole” (ed. Litterarum). They are stories by the Brazilian writer Aleilton Fonseca, from the state of Bahia, whose works have already been translated in various countries. The book is bilingual, with illustrations by Fernando Oberlaender. Tales of intense humanity in which “the witty and subtle observation of life is expressed through a gaze marked by profound lyricism”, as the writer Carlos Ribeiro writes in the preface.

The initiative is aimed at promoting intercultural dialogue and knowledge of a branch of contemporary Brazilian literary studies, academic and non-academic, which meets in the Northeast and in the state of Bahia, a continuation of the poetic word through dense literary production and action of contemporary writers, novelists and poets from these multifaceted states of Brazil.


The photo of the poster is by the Brazilian photographer Ricardo Prado and is taken from his exhibition “Vaqueirama”: 29 important images of cowboys from the sertões of Bahia and Pernambuco, with their typical clothes. The exhibition was inaugurated on 29 September, and will be open until 26 February 2022 in Salvador Bahia, in the Fundação Pierre Verger Galeria.


Antonella Rita Roscilli. Brazilianist, researcher, writer, journalist and translator. In Brazil you are Correspondent Member for Italy of the Academia de Letras da Bahia-ALB. In Italy she is the Director of Sarapegbe, a bilingual online magazine of Intercultural Dialogue (Society and Culture of Brazil and other Mosaics)

Zélia Gattai and Antonella Rita Roscilli

She is the biographer of the writer Zélia Gattai, wife of Jorge Amado. About her he has published a still unpublished trilogy in Italian, as well as various essays and book prefaces in Brazil and Italy. With her PhD and specialization in Brazil at the Federal University of Bahia, she graduated in Italy in Brazilian Language and Literature. In Brazil you are a member of the IIGHB and you are a member of the International Scientific Committee of the IGHB-Journal. You have translated into Italian texts by Carlos Nejar, Zélia Gattai, Jorge Amado, Antônio Torres, Myriam Fraga, José Carlos Avellar, Sérgio Paulo Rouanet, Luiz Ruffato, José Carlos Capinan, Aleilton Fonseca and others.

Anna Maria Angrisani. Writer and Actress. Artistic training and activities. From 2001 to 2008 she studied at the Roman Art and Dance Association, the Greek theater and the IALS. – In 2016 he attended the diction course of the voice actor A.Sanna – From 2017 to 2019 he attended the theater workshop of Paola Quattrini – In 2009, together with P. Magionesi and E.Ciavardini he founded the amateur company “Artisti Cabriniani” In 2018 founded the amateur company “I misprints”
In 2017 she participated as a reader in the conference “The lyric of the Brazilian poet Myriam Fraga: from Bahia to the world” reciting poems by M. Fraga translated into Italian by ARRoscilli, at the Vaccheria Nardi Library in the municipality of Rome. In 2018 she participates as Reader in the Recital “Zélia e Amado Jorge” by Antonella Rita Roscilli and in the presentation of the book by Zelia Gattai “Memorial of love” (ed. Nova Delphi)
Three theatrical works in which she participated as an actress remember Scacco al re, Francesca as tramontana, Bianco e nero. Among the plays written or adapted by her, in which she also participated as an actress: Casa Buddy, A father for Angelica, And I among you.

Antonella Rita Roscilli’s conference in Rome: Brazilian literature and Aleilton Fonseca’s book ‘The flavor of the clouds’ – Paese Italia Press