Abarth Pulse: the brand’s first SUV makes its debut in Brazil

With more than 70 years of history behind it, Abarth is preparing to write a new chapter. More precisely in the form of an SUV, the first in the world of the Scorpion. With the mission to mark the return to Brazil, theAbarth Pulse was unveiled on the occasion of Big Brother Brazil 2022 and landed on the Formula 4 tracks as the godmother of the competition.

Now it reaches the Brazilian market by strengthening the pillars of Abarth: “Legacy”, “Performance”, “Technology & Innovation” in “Custom Made” cars, guaranteeing “Provocative Driving” for a “Legion of Enthusiasts”.

Abarth Pulse side profile

Abarth Pulse: the Scorpion launches its first SUV in Brazil

The first Abarth SUV was developed and produced at the Stellantis factory in Betim (MG). The brand has already sold two vehicles in the large South American country. In 2002 it had the most powerful version of the Stilo and in 2014 the iconic 500 Abarth. But the company’s history is much older.

It was born in 1949, from the passion for racing Charles Abarth, a driver with the talent to “poison” ordinary cars. Since then, he has become renowned for his sportiness, performance and unique driving experience.

Abarth Pulse

Herlander Zola, senior vice president of Fiat & Abarth South America, said the company has accelerated to deliver an authentic Abarth. More than launching a new product, he is bringing the brand back to Brazil at full speed.

The Turin-based manufacturer knows how passionate Brazilians are about sportsmanship and performance, all that Abarth stands for. The new Pulse by Abarth it comes to satisfy an audience that appreciates these features and wants to transform the driving experience into an extraordinary experience.

Abarth Pulse

For the launch of the Scorpion in Brazil, the brand of Stellantis focused on a series of initiatives. First, the announcement of her return came during one of the highest rated reality shows in the country, the BBB 2022.

The SUV was revealed live on the show. Subsequently, reinforcing its vocation, the vehicle became the godmother car of the F4, a category which made its debut in the country in 2022 and which Scorpion itself sponsors.

Abarth Pulse

Furthermore, there have also been investments in infrastructure for the launch of Abarth. The Abarth dealership network has been expanded to include 60 points of sale (48 are already operational). Present in all regions of Brazil, practically in all states, they carry not only the Scorpion logo, but also the entire visual identity of the company and a team capable of welcoming sports enthusiasts.

Everyone will have an Abarth corner in the showroom, the brand badge on the main facade and on the external totem, accessories and Abarth Wear available for sale, as well as the chance to try out the new SUV.

The new Abarth Pulse is equipped with the T270 turbo engine, being the fastest in Brazil in its category. The model is so complete that it doesn’t need any options. It leaves the factory collecting, for example, contents such as dual sports exhaust, infotainment system with 10.1-inch display with connected services, steering wheel controls, automatic emergency braking, electronic handbrake with Auto Hold function, wireless charger for compatible smartphones, automatic activation of the headlights and lane departure warning.

Abarth Pulse

The design

The already award-winning design of the Fiat Pulse has gained an extra dose of sportiness thanks to Abarth. Even more robust, the model comes with details in red, the characteristic color of the Turin brand.

Starting with a side stripe, with a signature that brings speed and dynamism. Even the exterior mirrors and a line on the front bumper follow the same aesthetic and colour. The Abarth crests could not be missing, present both on the side and on the front. The Fiat flag is also on the grille. It also features exclusive 17” Racing rims wider and a single hub cap.

Abarth Pulse

On the front of the sporty SUV we still find lines that show its musculature, such as the upper applique with carbon fiber design and the floating grille with dedicated air intake for greater efficiency.

It also features various elements to improve aerodynamics, such as the air intake and the lower and wider front bumper. Already at the rear it brings exclusivity in the very sporty shark fin-shaped antenna, the Abarth signature and a rear bumper that reinforces the DNA of Abarth Racing with a double 3 cm chrome tailpipe and the characteristic rumble of the Italian brand.

Abarth Pulse

The uniqueness of the “poisoned” DNA is also found in the darkened cockpit. The impressive Scorpion symbol is present in 13 places, such as the back of the seats, the center of the steering wheel, the dashboard emblem, a sticker on the gear lever and even the bonnet.

Of course, the flashy color of Abarth, red, could not be missing. The exclusive black eco-leather seats, armrest and steering wheel have matching stitching, as does the gear knob. Also highlighting the SUV’s unique finish is a red stripe across the panel and the letter ‘E’ of the Pulse name on the rear badge also comes in that hue.

To complete, the center console makes the most of the space, with several storage compartments. The digital instrument cluster is customizable and features classic Abarth sporty aesthetics. The model is available in colors Ice floe White, Gray layer, Red And Volcano Black, with external details in red. The variants in Monte Carlo red they have gray or black details.

Abarth Pulse

From 0 to 100 km/h it takes 7.6 seconds

The new Abarth Pulse boasts a 6-speed automatic gearbox and is equipped with the 270 turbo engine with a power of 185 HP and a maximum torque of 270 Nm, with a new calibration to obtain maximum performance, simply to be the fastest compact SUV available in Brazil. And no wonder, since it is capable of reaching 100 km/h from 0 in 7.6 seconds while his maximum speed is 215 km/h (using ethanol as fuel). Its weight/power ratio is 6.9 kg/hp.

Following the pillars of the brand, the model was made to measure. Based on MLA platformthe Abarth Pulse brings with it specific modifications, such as a new gearbox calibration that makes gear changes faster and sportier.

Abarth Pulse

The suspension offers increased stability and handling with up to 13% stiffer springs and dampers. The front suspension got a new geometry while the larger anti-roll bar ensures for greater stability. The rear is characterized by an axle with greater torsional rigidity (+15%). Body roll is 10 percent less, which helped keep the ride high.

Equipped with wider 17” wheels for greater stability and grippy tyres, the model also has new steering that is more direct and precise. The braking system has also been resized so as not to lose its authentic Abarth DNA.

The engine also offers a more captivating sound thanks to the new exhaust system. For this, meticulous work has been done to obtain the perfect tuning of a vibrant and emotional sound. As a sports utility car, it offers the height of a real SUV (equal to 217 mm).

Abarth Pulse

Three driving modes to choose from

The Abarth SUV offers three driving modes to choose from: Normal with particular attention to sportiness and comfort, Manual which brings versatility and personality and poison – exclusive to the brand – with a quick response and more fun. With its special throttle mapping it is possible to reach the same speed in 60% of the time compared to Normal mode.

Poison mode can be activated via a dedicated button on the steering wheel. It surprises with steering load, which allows for a firmer ride, with more pronounced progression at higher speeds.

Abarth Pulse

Do not miss the Dynamic Torque Vectoring, a system that distributes torque to the wheels when cornering. It also features a supersport gearbox setting, with quicker gear changes and automatic gear reduction when braking, to assist engine braking and anticipate engagement of the most suitable gear to resume acceleration. Traction and stability controls become less intrusive, offering an even sportier drive.

Safety and technology could not be missing on the new Abarth Pulse. It brings several standard features that other models in the segment offer as options. The 10.1-inch display infotainment system comes with Fiat Connect Mea connected services platform boasting over 30 features.

Abarth Pulse

The user can access information about their vehicle, such as diagnostics and location via smartphone, smartwatch or even through a personal assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Furthermore, the new Pulse by Abarth is equipped with various advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS): automatic activation of the headlights, Lane Departure Alert and automatic emergency braking. It also has an automatic electronic parking brake with Auto Hold, which keeps the brake applied after you remove your foot from the pedal, providing more comfort when driving. The model also comes as standard with front and side thorax and head airbags for the driver and passengers.

Abarth Pulse

The Abarth Pulse is also equipped with paddle shifters positioned behind the steering wheel. With just one touch, you can change gears. The SUV is also equipped with a wireless charger for smartphones, a 7-inch full digital instrument panel specific for Abarth, automatic climate control, Full LED headlights and taillights, headlights with automatic switch-on, rain sensor with automatic activation of the windscreen wipers and Keyless Entry’n Go .

Coming to the prices, the new Abarth Pulse it will be available in Brazil at a price of R$ 149,990 – 26,681 euros – (with the exception of São Paulo where it will cost R$ 154,731 – 27,524 euros).

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Abarth Pulse: the brand’s first SUV makes its debut in Brazil