A look back at the Poker Boom in Brazil with Rafael Moraes

PokerStars Rafael Moraes

[PokerNews[/I] spoke to the PokerStars pro rafael moraes before the stage of Brazilian Series of Poker in Sao Paulo to try to better understand the craze for poker in Brazil and why so many Brazilians are passionate about the game.

He already had his sense of power play against Neymar and this time explains how players like the soccer star can contribute to the growth of poker in Brazil.

The excitement around BSOPs

Moraes to himself won a BSOP title earlier this yearand he has no doubt that the last stage will be a huge success.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the BSOP broke another record,” he told PokerNews. “The BSOP Millions is the most anticipated poker event in all of Latin America. It’s the one I love playing the most, so I can’t wait to participate.”

rafael moraes

The Red Spade Pass Experience

Moraes recently hosted two members of his poker community at the Brazilian Grand Prix, as part of the partnership of PokerStars with Oracle Red Bull Racing.

“It was amazing,” he said. “I was able to hand out two Red Spade passes in the home game at PokerStars. It drove my community crazy — they all wanted to win one. Meet the two winners and see how they react to such an amazing experience that PokerStars is giving them was just awesome.”

Red Spade Pass

Moraes: “Neymar Doesn’t Play Poker for Money; He Just Wants to Win!”

Brazilian poker players

Poker fans in Brazil, and even Brazilian poker players, have long been influenced by superstars, and Moraes says it’s the mix of role models and passion for poker that has allowed many of his compatriots to reach the highest levels.

“Brazilians love all kinds of sports and competitions,” he said. “If a Brazilian succeeds in a sport, you can be sure that everyone will start talking about it, watching it and playing it here. And with poker, there is no difference. Since the early days , when types like Andre Akkari won their first big titles on the tables, poker started to grow here and it never stopped.

rafael moraes

Akkari himself has already named Moraes as one of the Brazilian online poker elitesbut Moraes himself claims that much of the media exposure comes from names even better known than himself.

“When names like Ronaldo and Neymar play poker and benefit from the exposure of the media, inevitably the poker community develops much more quickly.

“Poker is growing every year here in Brazil. I have no doubt that as poker becomes even more popular in Brazil in the near future, we will have new big stars coming out of poker.”

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A look back at the Poker Boom in Brazil with Rafael Moraes